Why you should attend:

Strong attendance at RGD is our gold standard for getting our message across to leaders at the Capitol, even if done virtually. It demonstrates our strength as an industry and helps Wisconsinites achieve their piece of the American dream by making homeownership a reality and businesses thrive. Together, as an industry, we can continue moving Wisconsin forward by educating policymakers about the importance of the real estate marketplace to Wisconsin’s economy.

Advocacy works

In 2020, our state declared real estate “essential,” allowing WRA members to conduct business safely and keep countless transactions on track. This did not happen by accident. Keeping real estate essential in Wisconsin was a direct result of our advocacy efforts and your voices in the process.

The public needs our leadership

Passing good laws and defeating bad ones allow our industry to thrive, make homeownership affordable and ensure regulation is reasonable for all property owners so they can enjoy their piece of the American dream without unnecessary financial burden or policies that disrupt their ability to buy or sell a home or operate their businesses.

Success hinges on our ability to advocate together

One united, collective voice allows our stories to be heard with maximum impact. Sharing our challenges as an industry at RGD is proactive AND arms Capitol leaders with the background and knowledge they need to successfully represent our issues.

It’s a unique opportunity … now!

In the middle of a pandemic, certain industry issues rise up more than ever. Based on our new normal, now is the best time to educate lawmakers on the new challenges we face. To succeed in our efforts, we need a large showing of REALTOR® participation to carry this message forward.

A two-hour commitment is a small investment

The benefit from a collective process provides huge return to ensure we thrive as an industry. The more we communicate, the more we educate. The more we lobby together with legislators, the louder our voice will be.

We have accomplished so much for Wisconsin real estate with your collective help. And the need for your strong voice is even greater this year. Even though 2021 RGD registration is free, your efforts and time commitment are priceless.